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      Despite the significant changes in the Bankruptcy code over the past decade, bankruptcy remains a reliable and available resource for those in dire need of a fresh financial start.  Please contact my office for a free consultation to determine if bankruptcy or some other alternative would be the best solution for your financial problems.  Don’t allow creditors to ruin your peace of mind, and your family’s financial future.  Avoid garnishments, bank attachments and harassing telephone calls that threaten the tranquility of your home and family time by contacting my office for a face to face meeting and review of your personal finances.


Accident and Personal Injury

   There are few events that place a family in more jeopardy than the loss of the ability to work due to an injury.  Whether you have been involved in a Traffic Accident, workplace or Industrial Accident, a careless action or negligence by another; every tool at our disposal will be used to protect your interests and achieve the best outcome for your injury case.  There is always a free consultation where you can meet immediately with me and discuss the matters central to your economic and financial well-being. 


Criminal Defense

    At Pendleton Law the client’s personal and unique interests are first and foremost when negotiating a solution to issues involving current or prior spouses, child support, custody of children and division of property.  If Dissolution of your marriage is the right choice for you I will seek a fair and equitable resolution of your particular and special issues.


    Pendleton Law provides criminal defense services in each of the counties in the State of Missouri.  It is imperative that your rights be adequately guarded and protected if you have been charged with a crime.  Pendleton Law can provide a helping hand, sound advice and years of experience in providing your best possible defense against charges made.

It is essential that you contact your attorney prior to making any statements, or attempt to negotiate any agreements to insure your rights are adequately protected. A free consultation is offered to review your specific circumstance.

Traffic Tickets


   Pendleton Law represents people who have been charged with various traffic offenses including DUI/DWI.  When charged with DUI/DWI it is of the utmost importance that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible to insure all of the protections available under the law.can be utilized.  There are strict time limits to the filing of requests for a hearing. Missing one of those time limits can put your license to drive at risk.  A free consultation is always available in DUI/DWI matters as well as speeding, or careless driving. 
   Many minor traffic offenses may be resolved without the necessity of you making a court appearance. They can be handled by the attorney so that you need not miss additional work time.